中大學生會 CUSU 【反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信+ 遞交公開信行動】

2015.07.29 反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信 /2015.07.30 遞交公開信行動

中大學生會 CUSU 【反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信+ 遞交公開信行動】


日期:30-7-2015 星期四


中大學生會 CUSU 【反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信+ 遞交公開信行動】
中大學生會 CUSU
【反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信+ 遞交公開信行動】

【踐踏人類尊嚴 違反奧運精神 反對北京主辦2022 年冬季奧運會之公開信 |An Open Letter to the International Olympic Committee:Beijing’s crackdown violates Principles of Olympism】

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我們是一群來自香港的公民團體。對於近日中國大陸全國性的大舉搜捕,無視程序公義拘留多名維權律師及公民,未審先判,我等強烈譴責之。同時,此舉顯然違背奧林匹克重視人類尊嚴的精神。在此,我等特來信希望各位委員能反對北京主辦 2022 年冬季奧運會。
奧運的精神( Fundamental principles of Olympism) 是如此寫道:

「奧林匹克的目標是將體育服務置於促進人類和諧的工作上,以建立一個重視人的尊嚴及和平的社會。」 (The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.)

由此可見,奧運的精神正正是由「人」出發,關懷人類的基本尊嚴與社會和諧。但不幸的是,北京政府為了營造虛假的所謂社會「和諧」,不斷壓迫人民,逮捕維權人士,絕非國際社會所能接受。中國成功申辦2008年奧運”後,不但沒有本著奧運的精神改善相關情況,更仗着其經濟實力,變本加厲打壓人權及公民社會,如諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波(Liu Xiaobo)仍身陷囹圄,其妻子劉霞(Liu Xia)被當局不合理軟禁;為三聚氰胺毒奶受害者尋求公道而被判入獄的趙連海(Zhao Lianhai);因追查四川大地震遇難學生名單而被秘密關押的艾未未(Ai Weiwei);以至早前為倡導社會關注性騷擾而被追捕的五位婦權人士等,不計其數。

更難以接受的是,自月初國安法推出,全國性打壓越趨激烈。至今,超過250名維權律師及公民被搜捕扣查,大量受影響的律師和公民均在公安並未出示證明文件的情況下被帶走、被違法傳喚及拘留,甚至被傳喚超過24小時及被帶走多次。與此同時,多人被警告或恐嚇不得表達對被拘禁律師的支持,亦不容許擔任其辯護人;也有人遭到威嚇,指其父母子女隨時可能被捕;目前更有約 20位律師及維權人士於被捕後不知去向。

中國作為聯合國人權理事會的成員,以及《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》的簽署國,是次打壓既違反《世界人權宣言》及《公民權利和政治權利國際公約》中對程序公義的闡述及要求,同時亦違反中國本身的憲法 (公民權利保障) 和刑事訴訟法的相關規定。中國政府完全漠視人民的基本權利和尊嚴,肆意打壓無罪公民。對於這個法治不彰、禮樂崩壞的國家之當權者而言,「公義」、「人權」這些字詞,大概就是以言入罪的根本原因。






Dear the Chairperson and Members of the International Olympic Committee:

We are a group of civil organizations in Hong Kong who are concerned about the poor status of human rights in China — culminating in a nation-wide persecution on the human right lawyers and activists — an obvious contradiction to the principles of Olympism. Hence we are writing to urge you all to reject Beijing’s Bid on 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Fundamental Principles of Olympism, as included in the Olympic Charter, states clearly that “The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.”

In light of this principle, the spirit of Olympic Games can be viewed as respecting human dignity and promoting a harmonious society. Unfortunately, the way that Beijing chooses to enhance “harmony" – continuous suppression of the basic freedom of the citizens and arrests of many human right activists – can only be described as being out of tune with what the rest of the world would expect. Not only did Beijing’s hosting the Olympic Games in 2008 bring no improvement to the basic rights of the citizens which the world had hoped, but it marked the beginning of Beijing’s stepping up its oppression as the Chinese economy strengthens. Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo continues to serve his 11-year jail sentence and his wife Liu Xia continues to be subjected to extrajudicial home detention. Along with the jailing of the tainted milk activist Zhao Lianhai, the imprisonment of the Sichuan Earthquake Scandal activist Ai Weiwei, as well as the recent persecution of the five feminists advocating for public concerns on sexual harassment, these are just the tip of the iceberg in this country with a notorious human rights record.

Moreover, the abuse of basic human rights in China has become more intensive after the implementation of the new National Security Law. Starting from 10 July, there have been more than 250 human rights lawyers and activists being subjected to arbitrary detention, questioning or even torture. They are deprived of lawful rights to Habeas Corpus and free expression. Some are denied access to legal representation and fair legal proceeding in court, while some are threatened to have their family members arrested. Those who volunteer to be the defense attorney of the prosecuted are warned not to show any support. At this moment, the whereabouts of about 20 lawyers and activists remain unknown.

The People’s Republic of China is a member of the United Nations Human Right Council, and a cosignatory of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPRwh), yet it showed no respect to the responsibility to implement these international Bills. Beijing’s crackdown on the human right lawyers and activists, along with all other human rights abuse throughout the years, are seemingly a violation of the provisions of the ICCPR and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the provisions in its own Constitution. Such a crackdown is never a respect of universal values as the rule of law, justice and human rights. The international community must not tolerate such evil as it poses a threat to the values we hold dear.

As citizens of the bidding country, as well as being global citizens, we do treasure the universal values that are shared by the humankind, and thus we condemn all the unjust and unlawful crackdown on human right lawyers and activists in China, as well as the continuous oppression against basic civil and political rights of Chinese citizens.

We sincerely urge the committee to reject Beijing’s bid on hosting of 2022 Winter Olympics, as an expression to safeguard Olympic Principle of “promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity”, and to say no to any abuses of human rights and humiliation of human dignity. Before you cast your vote, please take a moment to think about those lawyers and human rights defenders who stood up for justice and ended up in jails. Please put aside the political considerations. International pressure and monitoring are critical and essential for China to have meaningful improvement its human rights status. You can all make a difference.

We have no reason to maintain our neutrality in times of moral crisis.

29th July, 2015

The Student Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group
Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese
Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China
Lingnan University Students’ Union
City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union
Federation for a Democratic China
六四行動(no English name)
Civil Human Rights Front
Initiatives for China
5 7 Association HK
Labour Party
Sports Commune
Civil Force
Hong Kong Christian Institute
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students’ Union
Left 21
大專政改關注組 (no English name)
City Concern of Christian Fellowship
Christians for Hong Kong Society
Friends of Conscience
Sydney Hong Kong Concern
Progressive Teachers’ Alliance
Yellow Umbrella Christians Base Community
League in defense of Hong Kong’s Freedoms
Citizen Charter 617
The Student Union of Hong Kong Shue Yan University
( The list will keep updating)