「六四紀念館」閉館通告 ‘June 4th Museum’ Closing Notice(新聞稿 Press Release 2021.6.2)

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Press Release 2 June 2021:‘June 4th Museum’ Closing Notice






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Press Release 2 June 2021
‘June 4th Museum’ Closing Notice

Yesterday (1 June), Food and Environmental Hygiene Department officers inspected the ‘June 4th Museum’ and alleged that the Alliance did not have a valid Places of Public Entertainment Licence and was suspected to have violated the ‘Places of Public Entertainment Ordinance’.

The management committee of the ‘June 4th Museum’ decided after deliberation that further legal advice is needed on the incident, and in order to protect the safety of staff and visitors, the Museum is temporarily closed until further notice.

The ‘June 4th Museum’ just reopened at 2 pm on 30 May. During the three days it had opened, more than 550 people visited. The Alliance thanks the people of Hong Kong for their support and not forgetting ‘June 4th’.

In the face of the current difficult political situation, the Alliance still believes that Hong Kong people’s feelings of not forgetting ‘June 4th’ will not disappear. We also ask Hong Kong people to mourn ‘June 4th’ with wisdom, flexibility and perseverance, under legal, safe, peaceful and rational circumstances, in their own way, at the right time and place. Let the truth prevail!

Donate to‘June 4th Museum’:

Account name (cheque payable to): Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China
Hang Seng Bank donation account number:
368-286498-001 (HKD); 395-410673-883 (foreign currency & RMB)
FPS: 1882711 (HKD); 2449569 (foreign currency & RMB)
Address for mailing crossed cheque: 10/F Ngai Wong Commercial Building, 11-13 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

「六四紀念館」重新開放 歡迎參觀
【守護歷史 悼念先烈 為六四死難者獻花】
【共命運 同抗爭——「八九民運與香港」圖片展】




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😷提提大家:為了保障訪客的健康,請入場時量體溫、使用酒精搓手液及必須佩戴口罩。除已預約者外,其他到訪人士請在表格上或掃描QR Code填上姓名、聯絡電話、到訪日期及時間。資料只作防疫用途,會於31日後銷毀。其他形式的登記與本館無關。

June 4th Museum reopens. Welcome to visit us.

Defending history and mourning the martyrs
Present bouquet to the June 4th victims
A Common Fate, a Share Struggle “89 Democracy Movement and Hong Kong" Photo Exhibition

This year is the 32nd Anniversary of June 4th. The June 4th Museum will open again on 30 May, 2021.

June 4th museum The theme of the photo exhibition this year is “89 Democratic Movement and Hong Kong."

We have set up a corner for visitors to lay down flowers to pay tribute to those died in the democratic movement. #MourningJune4th

Opening sessions:
Date: Every Tuesday to Sunday, until further notice
Time: 12:00noon-6:00pm (closed on every Monday)
(4 June, 2021 extending to 10:00pm)

Address: 10/F, Ngai Wong Commercial Building, 11-13 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

📝Welcome to book a visit!
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😷 Friendly reminder : In order to protect the health of visitors, please have your body temperature measured, use alcohol handrub when entering the venue and always wear a mask.
Please write down you name, contact number, date and time of your visit for epidemic prevention purpose only. It will be destroyed after 31 days. Other forms of registration have nothing to do with our Museum.

新聞稿 2021.5.30

「六四紀念館」重新開放 暨

今年是「六四」32周年,「六四紀念館」今天(5月30日)下午2時重新開放。至下午6時,有逾160人參觀。歡迎市民網上預約參觀 ( http://bit.ly/64exhibit ), 捐款支持「六四紀念館」工作。


另外,在過去一段日子,「六四紀念館」 @June4thMuseum 感謝市民捐出珍藏當年的報章書刊,豐富「六四紀念館」館藏。經整理後,「六四紀念館」特設一小角落,擺放多出的書刊,參觀市民可透過捐款支持,揀選合適的書刊,帶回家收藏紀念或親子閱讀,鑑古知今。