支聯會「六四」27周年紀念活動 HK Alliance activities in commemoration of “June 4th ”

“June 4″ 27th Anniversary memorial Events

“Vindicate June 4th, Stop Arbitrary Arrest, End Dictatorial Rule, Fight for Democracy"

Ching Ming wreath-laying ceremony

This year is the 40th anniversary of the “May 4 Tiananmen Incident.” For those who sacrificed their lives for democracy in China forty years ago, we the Alliance will express our deep condolences by wreath-laying and a picture exhibition. We support the endless fight for democracy in China, and our determination will not change.

Date – 4 April (Monday)
Venue – Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza Section D (next to the Clock Tower)

Starting from 11am, the Alliance and fellow organizations will carry out a wreath-laying ceremony. The venue will be open until 6pm, and the public is welcome to join.

The Alliance can help people and organizations to order wreaths. For those who would like to pre-order, please fill out the advance wreath order form, and we will process the order accordingly.

June 4th Museum reopening

15 April marks the 27th anniversary of the death of the former Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Yaobang, and the beginning of the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations. The June 4 Museum will reopen to the public on this very same day.

The permanent exhibition remains the same. It includes

a. “Never Forget June 4 and Awaken Conscience”– The Blood-Stained History of June 4, 1989
b.  “Survivors and the Dead" includes objects related to those who were killed on June 4 such as a helmet with bullet holes and a death certificate, as well as testimonies given by two survivors, Zhang Jian and Fang Zheng. Mothers of the June 4 victims, Wang Nan and Wu Xiangdong, donated to the Museum their beloved sons’ possessions. The possessions of the deceased and the memories of survivors recall the events of June 4 vividly. The history of the brutal suppression of democracy remains in the hearts of all and cannot be erased.

For the reopening, we have added one special exhibition, “Opposition to Arbitrary Arrest”. The Communist Party’s crackdown on civil society and abuse of human rights and freedom of speech are presented here.

The museum also has a video room showing June 4 documentaries and movies; a library corner with books and magazines which the Alliance has collected over the years; and a 6’4” replica of the Goddess of Democracy– a hot spot for photos. Visitors can buy souvenirs in our shop.

All schools and organizations are welcome to book a tour. The tour is guided by our Alliance staff, and the program is aimed at presenting the spirit of June 4 and the people’s fight for justice. The difficult situations of the families of June 4 victims are also discussed.

Please refer to our website for further details(http://64museum.blogspot.hk

“Never Forget June 4th” 27km long-distance running (中文版)

Never forget June 4th! Vindicate June 4th! We will strive on and never give up!
The day will eventually come when we can run our race from the campus of Peking University to the Tiananmen Square to celebrate our victory in front of the Goddess of Democracy!
With our ever stronger will, that day will come soon!

Date : 2016-4-17 (Sunday)
Gathering time : 8:00am
Gathering venue : Entrance Podium of City University of Hong Kong (MTR Kowloon Tong station C1 Exit, via Festival Walk and tunnel)
Running startup : 8:45am
Running ending : Around 2:00pm
Gathering at the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong S.A.R. for a wreath–laying ceremony before the People’s Heroes Monument.

For the course of running and landmarks, please check the link 

for more information , go to FACEBOOK’s Event Page


End date: 2016-3-31 (Thursday)
1. Online Registration
2. Complete the form, and send it back to us before 2016-3-31 midnight.
You can also fax it back to tel: 2770608 or email to contact@alliance.org.hk
(Attention: The HK Alliance Secretariat).

About the “Never Forget June 4th” long-distance running

The HK Alliance links up the length of the long-distance running with the current year of commemoration of our “Never-give-up” pledge to the Spirit of ‘89 Democratic Movement. In this 27th Anniversary, the whole course is 27km. We have designed the route to pass through streets and roads with capital cities in China as a gimmick. It also passes through the three districts which were occupied during the Umbrella Movement, namely, Mongkok, Causeway Bay, Admiralty and Central. Moreover, it also passes through the various locations where Hong Kong people gathered to rally in support of the Chinese Democratic Movement in 1989. The route is long, zigzag and hurdled, symbolizing the path we have gone through in our struggle for freedom, justice, human right and democracy. But we insist to fight on to the very end!

On 15 April 1989, the sudden death of Hu Yaobang, the then dethroned former Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, triggered the mourning of him by the university students. They streamed out to the street with banners, and posters in university campuses. The mourning quickly transformed into the discontent of the political hierarchy, which eventually turned into a protest campaign against corruption and for democracy. The campaign gave birth to a mass movement and the whole country was in an upheaval. People of Hong Kong and in overseas resonated with protests and movements standing out in support of the democratic movement in China.

At the night of 3 to 4 June, the ‘89 Democratic Movement was bloodily cracked down by the Chinese army and tanks. The movement was lambasted by the Chinese authority as a “counter-revolutionary riot” and dissidents were arrested, prosecuted and sent into prisons and the movement was suppressed. But under the one-party dictatorship with its so-called economic reform, there was greater disparities between the rich and the poor, more serious bureaucratic corruption and big collusion between government and business causing large scale social injustice in the country.

In Hong Kong, after the handover in 1997, we also suffered the same threats caused by the same perpetrator. In 2014 the outburst of the Umbrella Movement reflected Hong Kong people’s dissatisfaction and demand for Democracy, Freedom, Human Right and Justice, which are universal values shared and advocated by peoples of different cultures and colours.

The military cracked down ended bloodily the 1989 Democratic Movement and our Umbrella Movement was ended with a forced clearance. But the enlightenment and legacy of both movements remains in everybody’s mind, which we hope, will ultimately blossom into a fruitful harvest!

  • You can join the whole course of running, or just a section of it or do a relay with friends. In this year, we have started a new program called “Experiential Section”. It is a course of 1.4km running. Newcomers are most welcome.
  • The activity is free of charge. The organizer will sponsor each participant with a special sport T-shirt, on which a slogan “Vindicate June 4th” is printed.

Lecture Series “The Cultural Revolution and China today”

The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. In the early days, the government espoused socialism and the implementation of different kinds of political, economic and social planning and construction. During the Cultural Revolution, from 1966 to 1976, the country and people both experienced serious damage and loss. When the Cultural Revolution finally ended, the society and economy needed to be rebuilt. At the end of 1978, the Communist Party convened its 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, where it established the policies of reform and opening up. Through the reform of the economic and political systems, China has gradually established the road to socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics. (Excerpt from Liberal Studies Curriculum and Assessment Guide (S4-S6))

This year is the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cultural Revolution," also known as the “ten years of chaos" and “ten years of catastrophe." What influences has it had on China’s politics, economy, society, culture and environment? Does the Cultural Revolution still cast a shadow over China’s political and economic development today? Fifty years on, does the legacy of the Cultural Revolution have any influence on Hong Kong today?

To understand the influence of Reform and Opening Up, you have to realize the importance of the Cultural Revolution. The Lecture Series will invite different scholars and speakers to share their expertise with you. Recalling the Cultural Revolution, we discuss the future of China and Hong Kong today and exchange views on China’s democratization and its sustainable development.

Date:     May 6, 13, 20 and 27 2016 (every Friday)
Time:     19:30 to 21:30 (two hours)
Location: 7/F., Chung Kiu Commercial Bldg., 51 Shantung Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, “Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union," Head Office
Fees:     4 lectures, $20 for each ,Half price for students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and CSSA recipients

ONLINE registration

May 6 2016(Friday)
First Lecture: Is Xi Jinping the 21st century Mao Zedong?
Speaker: Mr. Willy Wo-Lap LAM (Chinese political commentator, Chinese University of Hong Kong Adjunct Professor)

Lecture Series “Recalling the Cultural Revolution … what we still need to see today!”
Lecture Series “Recalling the Cultural Revolution … what we still need to see today!”


May 13 2016 (Friday)
Second Lecture: Will there be a resurgence of the Cultural Revolution?
Speaker: Mr. Poon Siu-to (radio show host, Chinese affairs commentator)

May 20 2016 (Friday)
Third Lecture: The Impact of the Cultural Revolution on Hong Kong and Macau (the Macau 123 Incident and Hong Kong 1967 riots)
Speaker: Mr. Ching Cheong (commentator)

May 27 2016 (Friday)
Fourth Lecture: China’s development in light of the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution: What are the lessons?
Speaker: Dr. Yiu Chung WONG (Professor, Department of Political Science, Lingnan University)

Registration: ONLINE

Mail Registration: Please complete the registration form together with a crossed check (payable to: Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China). Send it to “8 – 9/F Good Hope Bldg., 618 Nathan Road., Mong Kok, Kowloon” , with the envelope marked “Recalling the Cultural Revolution" Lectures Series. Include a return envelope affixed with a $1.7 stamp.

Registration in person: visit our HKPTU Mong Kok Service Center (8 – 9/F Good Hope Bldg., 618 Nathan Road., Mong Kok, Kowloon) or HKPTU Causeway Bay Service Centre (M/F Wing Tak Mansion, 15 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) and pay the registration fee to the Department of General Services

Kites for Democracy

【平反六四、停止濫捕、結束專政、力爭民主】 ──支聯會「六四」27周年悼念活動

Theme – During the 1989 democracy movement, the student demonstrators in Tiananmen Square faced the Communist Party and the army. But they were fearless. They flew kites to interfere the military helicopter hovering above the square. Today, we follow the example of the Beijing students and fly kites, expressing our yearning for democracy and hoping to send a kite of democracy back to mainland China.

Date – 22nd May 2016 (Sunday)
Place – Clear Water Bay Country Park, Sai Kung
Time – 2pm ~ 5pm

ONLINE registration

a. Assembly time : 1pm
b. Assembly place: Outside Mongkok Macpherson Playground (junction between Nelson Street and Sai Yee Street , near China Travel Service)
c. Kite for Democracy start : 2pm
d. Return time : around 5pm (The bus will go to the June 4 Museum, and all are welcome to visit there afterwards.)

a. Participants are free to go to Sai Kung Country Park by themselves.
b. For the convenience of participants, the Alliance will arrange transportation (bus) to Clear Water Bay Country Park (round-trip fare: $ 40). Kites are for sale for $10 each.
c. In case of bad weather, thunderstorm or the like, the program will be cancelled. Please keep abreast of our announcements.
d. Participants can buy their own kite. There are kites for sale at the park.
e. Please bring your own drinking water.
a. You can send by mail or hand in the application form and check or deposit slip receipt to the Alliance.
b. If you plan to go to the site on your own and prepare your own kite, please call the Alliance secretariat (2782 6111) in advance, so that we can keep track of the number of participants for the purpose of proper planning.
c. All regional and neighborhood groups are welcome to organize activities on site and join us in the afternoon to participate in Kite for Democracy.

Joint Public Advertisements

ONLINE registration

We continue to support patriotic democratic movements in China
Our demands: 
1.Release all dissidents!
2.Vindicate the 1989 pro-democracy movement!
3.Accountability for the massacre!
4.End one-party dictatorship!
5.Build a democratic China!

This year is the twenty-seventh anniversary of the June 4 Massacre. This year’s themes are “Vindicate June 4, Stop Arbitrary Arrests, End Dictatorial Rule and Strive for Democracy in response to the current situation. "Vindicate June 4th" is what we Hong Kong people have always insisted on. "Stop Arbitrary Arrests" is the most urgent demand of today. "End Dictatorship" is the only solution to the basic problem. "Strive for Democracy" is the gateway to the future for both Hong Kong and China.

The Alliance encourages young people to join the Chinese democratic movement.  We can all work together to build a new China based on respect for human rights, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, righteousness and prosperity!

We are convinced that democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law will ultimately be realized in China.

Published in: Apple Daily
Issue date: 27 May and 4 June
Cost: Groups  : $50 each / Individuals  : $10 each (Additional donations are welcome)

March for the 27th Anniversary of “June 4″

" Vindicate June 4、Stop Arbitrary Arrests、End Dictatorship、Strive for Democracy"
Release all dissidents!
Vindicate the 1989 pro-democracy movement!
Accountability for the massacre!
End one-party dictatorship!
Build a democratic China!

Date – 29 May 2016 (Sunday)
Time – 3pm Assembly
Place – From Wanchai Southorn Playground marching to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Western District)


Candlelight Vigil for the 27th Anniversary of June 4

【平反六四、停止濫捕、結束專政、力爭民主】 ──支聯會「六四」27周年悼念活動

Mourning the victims of the June 4 Chinese Democracy Movement
Inherit the spirit of the martyrs of democracy
Date: 4 June 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Place: Causeway Bay Victoria Park Soccer Pitches
The Alliance can help people and organizations to order wreaths. For those who would like to avail themselves of the pre-order arrangement, please fill out the advance wreath order form and we will process the order accordingly.

釋放民運人士.平反八九民運.追究屠城責任.結束一黨專政.建設民主中國 Release the dissidents. Rehabilitate the 1989 pro-democracy movement. Demand accountability of the June 4th massacre. End one-party dictatorship. Build a democratic China.

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