2018.5.23【還劉霞自由 Free Liu Xia】致函德國總理默克爾 Angela Merkel

【還劉霞自由 Free Liu Xia】

支聯會主席何俊仁今天(2018年5月23日)上午委託德國駐港副領事 Mr Teitz代轉交德國總理默克爾(Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany )信件,要求關注已故諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波先生遺孀劉霞的處境,還劉霞自由,按照她的意願赴德國。


23 May, 2018

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

We are a Hong Kong based coalition working for the cause of democracy in China, founded during the 1989 Tiananmen Democracy Movement. We have been campaigning for the freedom of Liu Xia ever since her house arrest in 2010, when her late husband Liu Xiaobo was still being imprisoned. We understand that you have also been at the forefront in campaigning for the freedom of Liu Xia. We believe that it is very important for world leaders to stand up for human rights, to show the world the values that western democracies stand for.

The latest situation of Liu Xia is getting ever more distressing. In an open letter published on last Wednesday, Liao Yiwu, a friend of Liu Xia living in Berlin, revealed the content of a phone conversation between himself and Liu Xia, which vividly demonstrates the despair of Liu Xia at being trapped in China.

“There is nothing that I fear now. If I can’t leave, I’ll die at home. Xiaobo has already left, there is nothing in this world for me. Dying is easier than living – there is nothing simpler for me than to protest with death,” Liao quoted.

In the audio clip of that call on April 8 2018, Liu was very emotional and could be heard crying. She told Liao that she was ready to leave China and already has her luggage packed. “You can record this now: I’m so angry that I’m ready to die here … Everything can end if I’m dead,” Liu tells Liao.

Liu, a 57-year-old poet, painter and photographer, has been placed under house arrest since 2010, but has never been charged with any offence by the Chinese authorities. Appeals for her release peaked in July last year, after her husband died of liver cancer while in custody. Liu Xia had been placed under strict surveillance and control since her husband’s death, and is taking medication for depression.

Liu Xiaobo died aged 61 in a Liaoning hospital on July 13 2017, becoming the only Nobel Peace Prize laureate to die in custody since German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky in 1938. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 while in jail, and was represented by an empty chair at the prize giving ceremony in Oslo. The human rights activist was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in 2009 on subversion charge after co-authoring a petition known as Charter 08, calling for sweeping political reforms in China.

As you can see from the conversation between Liu Xia and her friend, she is desperate and suffering from severe depression. The illegal house arrest lasting for more than eight years had taken its toll on the health of Liu Xia. The Chinese Government tries hard to present itself as a government that rule in accordance with its law; however it has never been able to show which law authorises the prolonged house arrest of Liu Xia, nor explained why she is not allowed to leave China, not even for medical treatment.

As your visit to China nears, we hope you can raise the case of Liu Xia before President Xi Jinping, demanding that she be allowed to travel freely to any country of her choice.

We wish you every success in your visit to China. Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Albert Ho Chun Yan,
Chairman, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China


請參與 Join Now【一人一相爭取 釋放劉曉波 Release LIU XIAOBO Photo Campaign】

【一人一相爭取 釋放劉曉波 Release LIU XIAOBO Photo Campaign】









暫收到的相片,包括:「天安門母親」群體、部分香港立法會議員、美國眾議員議長南希・佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)、美國史丹福大學教授戴蒙德(Larry Diamond)等。其中「天安門母親」群體成員無法親身拍照支持,傳來題為「天安門母親群體呼籲中國政府釋放劉曉波!言者無罪!充分保障中國公民的基本人權!」的130人聯署名單,及42名離世難屬名單,委託我們代為拍照。難屬們感謝香港市民的堅守,為劉曉波呼籲,在香港舉行他們在內地沒法做的事,為中國的明天共同努力。


1. 到 http://bit.ly/freeliuxiaobo2016 下載「釋放劉曉波」一人一相運動海報;
2. 列印海報或在任何屏幕顯示器上展示拍照;
3. 以各種方式展示「釋放劉曉波」訊息;
4. 拍照後電郵 contact@alliance.org.hk 或whatsapp / telegram 852-55907362 回支聯會。


下載「釋放劉曉波」海報 Download the poster


Release Liu Xiaobo Photo Campaign

December 17, 2016

Mr. Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, has long been persisting on a non-violent approach to fight for human rights and call for political reform. Since the 1989 pro-democracy movement, he has lost his personal freedom for more than 12 years just for striving for China’s democracy and freedom. He has spent nearly 5,000 days in detention centers, labor camps and prisons. He gets 4 more years of incarceration ahead of him.

Mr. Liu Xiaobo was forcibly taken away on December 8th, 2008. On December 25th, 2009, because of his drafting “Charter 08″ and the subsequent petition movement, he was convicted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of the crime “inciting subversion of state power". He was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment. In 2010, he became the first Chinese dissident to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Committee gave the following reasons why Mr. Liu Xiaobo was selected for the Peace Prize. Mr. Liu was honored for his “striving for a lasting and non-violent struggle for basic human rights in China. Even though he was in prison, Liu Xiaobo has become a symbol and monument of China’s human rights struggle." Not only does this praise affirming Xiaobo, but also affirming all those people who have been courageously fighting for democracy under the dictatorship of the CCP.

Until today, Xiaobo has been imprisoned for 7 years. We do not forget him, nor let the international community forget him. The Alliance launches the “Release Liu Xiaobo Photo Campaign”, and demands the CCP to release Liu XiaoBo immediately. Each photo represents a call and a force. We firmly believe that only could we join forces, we would bring the change!

Since 10th December the International Human Rights Day, The Alliance has already received more than 100 photos from China, Hong Kong and overseas. Today (17th December) we officially announced “Release Liu Xiaobo Photo Campaign”. We wish the CCP to release Mr. Liu Xiaobo immediately, and to implement what the “Charter 08” has advocated: freedom and democracy, judicial independence, human rights protection, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The photos we have received so far are come from: Tiananmen Mothers Group, some Hong Kong legislators, US Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Stanford University Professor Larry Diamond. The Tiananmen Mothers Group was unable to take pictures and so instead sending us 1) the 130-member petition list and 2) the 42 Victim Family list, entitled “The Tiananmen Mothers Group Called for the Release of Liu Xiaobo by the Chinese Government and the Full Protection of the Basic Human Rights of Chinese Citizens". They commission us to take photo on their behalf. They are grateful to the people of Hong Kong for their adherence to call for release of Liu Xiaobo, and this is something which can still be held in Hong Kong but not in Mainland China. For China’s tomorrow, we work hard altogether.

How to join
1. Download the campaign poster from the website http://bit.ly/freeliuxiaobo2016;
2. Take photo on the poster either in printed form or showing in the monitor screen;
3. Try various ways as to convey the “Release Liu Xiaobo" message in the photos;
4. Send back the photo by E-mail contact@alliance.org.hk or whatsapp / telegram 852-55907362.

For any enquiry, please contact contact@alliance.org.hk .






2017.12.17 明報 – 支聯會發起「一人一相」促釋放劉曉波


2016.5.8 往中聯辦要求釋放郭飛雄行動








2016.5.8 往中聯辦要求釋放郭飛雄行動
2016.5.8 往中聯辦要求釋放郭飛雄行動

事件關注:廣東勞維人士劉少明煽顛案開庭 公訴人責其「累犯」當重判 2016.4.15

(自由亞洲電台2016-04-15 ) 廣東維權人士劉少明涉嫌「煽動顛覆政權罪」一案,4月15日在廣州中院開庭審理,當天案件審結,將擇期宣判。劉少明在庭上堅持自己無罪,而公訴人在法庭上稱劉少明是「累犯」,應當重判,遭到辯護律師反駁。

廣東勞維人士劉少明被控「煽動顛覆國家政權罪」一案,4月15日開庭審理。劉少明的代理律師吳魁明在當天庭審結束後接受本台採訪時表示,庭審於上午9點半開始,至大約下午3點審結,未當庭宣判。而所有的控罪都是圍繞其發表的文章和微信言論,其中包括兩篇紀念六四的文章,劉少明在庭上表明自己是無罪的。 繼續閱讀 事件關注:廣東勞維人士劉少明煽顛案開庭 公訴人責其「累犯」當重判 2016.4.15

事件關注:廣東勞工NGO案孟晗家屬遭多名暴徒持鐵棍上門威脅報警被敷衍 2016.3.29


權利運動編輯員獲悉2016年3月29日,被當局以“涉嫌聚眾擾亂社會秩序”為由關押在看守所的工人領袖孟晗家人遭逼遷後又遭受多名暴徒持鐵棍鐵棒上門威脅。報警被敷衍了事,警察延遲出警,及派出所所長表示要求晗家人搬走。 據了解,3月29日晚上9點54分左右,住在中山市南頭鎮的孟晗愛人以及孟晗父母發現有數名不明身份的男子在他們家門前,並伴有異響。孟晗愛人開門後發現5名男子正急著往樓下跑,其中一人拿著鐵棒。當他們看到孟晗愛人後,立馬往回衝,孟晗愛人見此馬上關門。關門後門外卻傳來了拼命的撞門聲和鐵棒打門聲,並持續了3、4分鐘。 受到驚嚇的孟晗家人隨即報警,但警察卻在20分鐘後才去到現場。而在孟晗父親當晚去到派出所報案時,警察卻是敷衍了事,所長更是說:“這種情況你就搬走唄。” 繼續閱讀 事件關注:廣東勞工NGO案孟晗家屬遭多名暴徒持鐵棍上門威脅報警被敷衍 2016.3.29