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2019.3.18 回應中國對普遍定期審議工作組報告的回覆記者招待會 Press Conference on China’s responses on UPR Working Group Report

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(18-3-2019 – 香港)





對於中國政府任意侵犯宗教自由,正委陳麗娜指不認同中國遞交予聯合國人權理事會的報告( A/HRC/40/6)的第13段有關宗教自由部份,中國的宗教自由並沒有得到保障。中國近年強拆十字架,強迫安裝攝錄裝置監控,限制國內不同宗教。亦有主教、神父被強逼失蹤和遭受軟禁,甚至無故被殺或下落不明。中國政府為逐漸取締宗教團體,也禁止學生、青少年參加宗教活動。新修訂的《宗教事務條例》也令基督教家庭教會及天主教「地下」教會團體,因非法從事宗教活動被查封。故此,要求允許信徒組織教會、停止無理強拆十字架及一切監控、廢除新修訂的《宗教事務條例》等。

For immediate release:

(2019-3-18 – Hong Kong) China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG) , the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (hereafter “the Hong Kong Alliance”), Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions(HKCTU), Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese(HKJP Commission) held a press conference today to respond to China’s views on UPR Working Group Report.

“A number of human rights crisis broke out one after another over the recent years, including arrest of human rights defenders in a massive scale, for example, the 709 crackdown in 2015 and the recent administrative suppression on human rights lawyers, criminal detention of the workers and student supporters in the Jasic Incident in 2018, cross demolition and the ban the religious groups, and the inhumane re-education camps in Xinjiang,” says Albert Ho Chun-yun, the chairperson of both CHRLCG and the Hong Kong alliance.

“On the contrary, Le Yucheng, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, told us in the Human Rights Council on 15 March that those human rights cases reported in UN UPR hearing are not human rights issues, but are issues related to China’s judicial sovereignty and fairness. This shows China’s attempt to defend their brutal measures in violating human rights principles. Therefore, those who persists in the truth should debunk Chinese official’s narrative,” Ho adds.

CHRLCG representative Emily Lau Wai-hing criticizes China’s crafty and ridiculous responses of China to the UPR report. Among the 346 recommendations commented by UN member states, though China has rejected 62 recommendations, of which most are related to religious freedom, freedom of speech and expression, legal reform, and improvement of the treatments to human rights defenders. China rejected all the recommendations on repeal of“residential surveillance at a designated location”, amendment to the definition of subversion, and the release of those imprisoned human rights defenders etc.

Emily comments, “among those recommendations accepted, China has adopted distorted interpretations of those recommendations, for instance, to guarantee the protection of lawyers against any form of harassment, violence or attempts to impede or interfere with the defence of their clients; to guarantee that human rights defenders can exercise their freedom of expression and peaceful association and to guarantee fair trials. China claimed they accepted all of the above recommendations, which are already implemented. But some cases show that authorities will use the defense statement as an evidence to charge the lawyer, such as lawyer Liu Zhengqing. We urge China to release all the detained or imprisoned human rights lawyers and activists, and stop harassing human rights lawyers by administrative suppression.”

Tsoi Yiu Cheong, the representatives of the Hong Kong Alliance, strongly condemn the Chinese government’s continuing disregard of the recommendations of last UPR exercise, particularly the denial of the Chinese government on ratifying the ICCPR for 20 years after signing it. It is totally unacceptable, which amounts to the denial of fulfilment of the international responsibility of protecting basic human rights to the people of China. The Chinese Government did not accept the recommendations made by various countries to release human rights defenders neither. Hong Kong Alliance are concerned about the situation and treatment of imprisoned human rights defenders, including Qin Yongmin, Liu Xianbin, Hu Shigen, Chen Xi and Huang Qi. Since 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre, Hong Kong Alliance demands the accountability of the June 4th massacre and restoration of justice in the movement.

Concerning the Chinese government’s continuous suppression on the workers and labour activists, Ming Lam, the representative of HKCTU, expresses their concern over the suppression and victims concerned, including criminal detention to the labour NGO staff in Shenzhen. Most of the suppressed workers and activists are being refused to the rights of legal counsels of their own choosing lawyers with their basic civil rights being exploited. Also, the CPC suppresses activists by charging them with “gathering crowds to disrupt public order”, and the victims are forced to plead guilty in video recording. These practices apparently violate the principles of law. For the workers and activists, this is the worst situation ever.

Regarding the violation of religious freedom in China, Lina Chan, the representative of the HKJP Commission disagrees with the National Report of China( A/HRC/40/6) about freedom of religious belief in para. 13, freedom of religion is not under protection in China. The authorities have forced to demolish the Crosses, install surveillance devices inside and outside religious venues in order to constrained different religion. Also, Church members are under enforced disappearance, or even being killed. The Chinese government banned students from joining Christian Churches or engaging in religious activities. Due to the newly revised Regulations on Religious Affairs (RRA), many house churches and underground Catholic communities have faced the crisis of forced closure of the meeting place by the authorities. In conclusion, we urge the Chinese government to allow religious practitioners to organize and operate in accordance with their own religious doctrines and principles, stop unreasonable and forcible demolition of the Crosses and all forms of surveillance, and to abolish the newly revised RRA etc..


2019.01.29【揮春贈內地在囚維權人士 讓維權人士回家過新年】







【揮春贈內地在囚維權人士 讓維權人士回家過新年】







(English version below)



我們認為中國政府對王全璋進行長期秘密羈押,不但侵犯人權,更違反諸如《中華人民共和國憲法》(《憲法》)、《中華人民共和國刑事訴訟法》(《刑訴法》)、《公民與政治權利國際公約》(《公約》)等多條法律和國際公約。 繼續閱讀 2019.01.28【要求無罪釋放王全璋律師之聲明】

2018年12月26日【聯署聲明:709案最後審判 立即釋放王全璋律師】The Final Trial of the 709 Crackdown Release Lawyer Wang Quanzhang Immediately

2018年12月26日【聯署聲明:709案最後審判 立即釋放王全璋律師】

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李文足於今年11月獲頒2018年瑞典「愛德爾斯塔姆人權獎」(The Edelstam Prize),以表揚她對捍衛人權所作出的貢獻。德國總理默克爾於今年5月訪華時亦特意拜訪李文足和余文生律師的妻子許豔,反映國際社會對王全璋及「709案」的關注。






The Final Trial of the 709 Crackdown Release Lawyer Wang Quanzhang Immediately

It has been 3 years since the shocking “709 crackdown”, a widespread persecution of Chinese activists and rights lawyers that had led to the arrest of over a hundred, and many more have been summoned, harassed and intimidated. Among those Zhou Shifeng, Wu Shigen and Wu Gan have since then been sentenced to 7 to 8 years imprisonment for “Subversion of State Power”. As the last detainee in the 709 crackdown who has not yet been tried, Wang Quanzhang will finally appear in court today.

Wang Quanzhang was born in 1976 and began practicing as a lawyer in Beijing since 2007. He was a member of Feng Rui Law Firm. He often represented clients in sensitive cases, such as Falun Gong practitioners and land evictees, and as such incurred the wrath of the authorities. He has also used the pen name “Gao Feng” to write political commentaries, and has published various reports on the state of civil society in China.

Wang Quanzhang was taken away by the police on 3 August 2015, and was charged with subversion of state power in January 2016. He was held incommunicado for a long period of time, and has never been able to meet his defence lawyers appointed by his wife Li Wenzu, nor has Li Wenzu ever saw him in the past three and a half years. His defence lawyer Yu Wensheng was even arrested in early 2018, and charged with “Inciting Subversion of State Power”. During the past three and a half years, the only news of Wang Quanzhang has come from government-appointed lawyers, and the accuracy of such information can never be verified.

The family members of the arrestees in the “709 crackdown”, including Li Wenzu, have fought valiantly for the freedom of their relatives, and developed into the renowned “709 Family”. Using creative and courageous campaign, they have persistently challenged the information blockage and white terror of the Chinese authorities. Actions like the “red bucket protest”, “long march for freedom” and “hairless not lawless”, are all signature campaigns that stood out among civil protests in China in recent years. The activism of the 709 Family has brought human rights issues in China to the international arena. However the price the families have to pay is high; they suffer constant harassment, surveillance and even violence; even the children were affected and have difficulties finding schools.

Li Wenzu was awarded the 2018 Edelstam Prize in November this year, for her outstanding contributions and exceptional courage in standing up for the defence of human rights. When Angela Merkel visited China in May this year, she specially paid a visit to Li Wenzu and Xu Yan, wife of Yu Wensheng, reflecting the level of international attention on Wang Quanzhang and the 709 crackdown.

Today Wang Quanzhang is to stand trial, yet Li Wenzu has been placed under house arrest by national security since yesterday morning, and was not allowed to attend the trial of her own husband. The subversion charge on Wang Quanzhang and other arrestees in the 709 crackdown was absurd in the first place, and the continued control and harassment of the families is even more baseless. We hereby demand the Chinese government to:

1. Immediately and unconditionally release Wang Quanzhang, Zhou Shifeng, Wu Shigen, Wu Gan and Yu Wensheng;
2. Held those law enforcers who have abuse the 709 arrestees accountable;
3. Provide appropriate remedy and relief for the violations of rights suffered by Wang Quanzhang and the 709 arrestees;
4. Stop all form of harassment against Li Wenzu and their child;
5. Abolish the crimes of “Subversion of State Power” and “Inciting Subversion of State Power”

At the same time, we call on international community, the public and the media to continue to pay close attention to the Chinese authorities’ persecution of the civil society, rights lawyers and activists; only by standing together can we stop the ever worsening human rights crisis in China.

Signatories (in alphabetical order):
China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group
Civic Party
Friends of Conscience
Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China
League of Social Democrats
New School for Democracy

26 December 2018

2018年12月26日【聯署聲明:709案最後審判 立即釋放王全璋律師】






日期: 2018年12月26日(星期三、明天)









日期: 2018年12月26日(星期三、明天)