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2020.9.15 【「六四紀念館」重新開放 June 4th Museum Reopen 】



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😷 提提大家:入場時必須戴口罩及量體溫;如有發燒,歡迎改天再來參觀。

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Please note that the June 4th Museum reopen on September 15, 2020 (Tuesday).
Welcome to visit us!

“At the forefront of anti-totalitarianism: From June 4, 1989 to the anti-extradition movement"

Opening hours : Every Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00-18:00 (closed on Mondays, until further notice)
Address: 10/F, Ngai Wong Commercial Building, 11-13 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Enquiry : Phone/WhatsApp: 2459 6489
Email: 64museum@alliance.org.hk

😷 Please be advised that:
1. You must wear face mask before entry.
2. Be ready for body temperature measurement. If you are feeling unwell, please welcome to visit us next time.

📝 By appointment: http://bit.ly/64exhibit
Guided tours and visit times can be arranged according to the needs of schools and groups.

Free entry & Welcome to donate.


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2020.9.15【悼念六四無罪 反對政治檢控 抗議政治打壓—支聯會11名常委及15名民主人士9月15日出庭應訊】

悼念六四無罪 反對政治檢控 抗議政治打壓






如有任何查詢,請電或WhatsApp 27826111與秘書處職員聯絡。


2020.8.19 聲明【強烈譴責教育局篡改歷史 抹掉軍隊「六四」屠殺真相 Hong Kong Alliance strongly condemns the Education Bureau for distorting history】




以齡記出版的《高中新世紀通識:現代中國》為例,原版列出「維權運動」的原因時,提及當局「認為維權運動造成社會動盪,因此我們大多以打壓的方式處理,例如拘禁維權人士、封鎖網上相關言論等…」,修訂後改為「維權運動可能造成社會動盪,民眾應以理性的方式和我們反映問題及表達不滿,例如通過國家信訪局網站作出申訴…」。 可是事實上,上訪者多遭遇截訪、關押甚至酷刑,受屈者即使循司法程序尋求公義,亦經常遭到有關當局的滋擾和逼迫,造成更大和更多的冤案,如此的修訂資料無疑是文過飾非,為當局的惡行塗脂抹粉。

該書在修訂「六四事件」資料時的手法同樣拙劣不堪。 原版提及觸發事件的「貪污問題」和「官倒現象」等起因,以及過程中的「軍隊清場」和「武力鎮壓」等解說如今完全被刪除,甚至「六四事件」字眼也被抹掉,修改為「造成民眾普遍不滿,更削弱政府管治效能,威脅中國社會穩定」云云,閃爍其詞,簡直完全抹煞事件始末的客觀和準確陳述。 這樣的修訂手法不僅是偏向性的混淆事實,更有意掩飾,不惜篡改真相,將血跡斑斑的「六四」屠殺慘劇,避重就輕的寫成維穩篇章,其政治意圖昭然若揭,卻是有違教育專業原則。

須知歷史教學是認識和探究的學習過程,有關教學材料的整理、編製和鋪陳須持平公正,盡量展示和引述正反兩方面資料,從而引導學生以多角度討論、思考和判斷。 歷史教學並不是政治宣傳,而歷史教材因此絕對不是以「政治正確」掛帥,經修改以凸顯黨國政策和正面形象。 極權國家慣常以操控的教育手段「修改」歷史,從而「捏塑」人民的歷史記憶,「箝制」人民的思想,以配合其管治策略。 香港人,特別是香港教育界,必須有所警覺。

為此,支聯會抗議教育局的審核教科書機制淪為政治審查工具,並強烈譴責掩飾真相的歷史教材修訂。 歷史絕對不容當權者肆意抹煞,支聯會當前運作的「六四紀念館」,以及籌建中的網上「六四記憶。人權博物館」,正是要好好保存有關的寶貴和真確歷史資料,讓史實和記憶傳承下去。

(Statement by Hong Kong Alliance, 19 August 2020)

Hong Kong Alliance strongly condemns the Education Bureau for distorting history

Stop erasing the truth of the Tiananmen Massacre

Media have reported that after Liberal Studies textbooks were sent to the Education Bureau for review through a ‘voluntary submission scheme’, publishers have cooperated with the so-called ‘optimization comments’ policy, downplaying, whitewashing, distorting, and even deleting many teaching materials deemed ‘sensitive’ in the Modern China unit, including the ‘human rights movement’ and ‘June 4 incident’.

For example, take ‘High School New Century Liberal Studies: Modern China’ published by Ling Kee. The original version says the authorities ‘believe the human rights movement has caused social unrest, so they mostly deal with it in repressive ways such as detaining human rights defenders, blocking relevant online comments, etc’. This was revised to ‘[the] human rights movement might cause social unrest. [The] public should report problems and express dissatisfaction with [the authorities] in a rational manner, for example, by making a complaint through the website of the National Public Complaints and Proposals Administration…’ However in reality, petitioners are often intercepted, imprisoned and even tortured. Even if the aggrieved seek justice through judicial procedures, they are often harassed and persecuted by the relevant authorities, resulting in more injustice. Such revised information is undoubtedly a whitewash to cover up the authorities’ evil deeds.

Revisions of information pertaining to the ‘June 4th incident’ in the book are also problematic. While the original version gave ‘corruption’ and ‘official profiteering’ as triggers of mass protests in 1989 and made reference to ‘clearance by the army’ and ‘suppression by force’, this has all been deleted in the revision. Even the words ‘June 4th incident’ have been erased. Instead, the proests are described as having ‘caused public dissatisfaction, weakened governance effectiveness, and threatened the stability of Chinese society’, which is evasive and completely obliterates the objective and accurate account of the incident. Such revisions are not only biased, obscuring the facts, but they even try to conceal and distort the truth. The blood-stained tragedy of Tiananmen Massacre becomes a chapter on stability maintenance. The political intentions are obvious. They violate the principles of education.

It is important to note that history teaching is a learning process of recognition and inquiry. The collation, compilation and presentation of teaching materials should be balanced and fair, presenting and citing both pros and cons, so as to guide students to discuss, think and judge for themselves from multiple perspectives. History teaching is not political propaganda. History textbooks should therefore definitely not be modified to highlight party-state policy and improve its image. Totalitarian countries often use control over education as a means to ‘modify’ history, thereby molding people’s historical memory and suppressing people’s thinking in conformity with their governance strategy. Hong Kong people, especially the Hong Kong education sector, must be vigilant.

Therefore, Hong Kong Alliance protests that the Education Bureau’s textbook review mechanism has become a tool for political vetting, and strongly condemns revisions of history textbooks that conceal the truth. History must not be arbitrarily erased by those in power. The goals of the currently operating June 4 Museum and Online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum under development by Hong Kong Alliance are precisely to preserve the relevant precious and true historical materials so that historical facts and memories can be preserved and passed on.

2020.8.6【悼念六四無罪 反對政治打壓 抗議濫控支聯會11名常委及13名民主人士 Mourning June 4 is not a crime. Oppose political repression】

(支聯會2020年8月6日新聞稿 Press Release)

悼念六四無罪 反對政治打壓

Mourning June 4 is not a crime. Oppose political repression.
Against the abusive charges against Hong Kong Alliance Standing Committee members and pro-democracy members
Eleven Hong Kong Alliance Standing Committee members and thirteen pro-democracy activists have been charged with “participating in an unauthorised assembly” over the June 4 candlelight vigil


Today (6 August), Hong Kong Alliance Chairman Lee Cheuk-yan Lee and ten Standing Committee members (Albert Ho, Chow Hang-tung, Richard Tsoi, Cheung Man-kwong, Mak Hoi-wah, Andrew Wan, Chiu Yan-loy, Leung Yiu-chung, Leung Kam-wai and Leung Kwok-wah) and thirteen pro-democracy activists (Steven Kwok, Figo Chan, Wu Chi-wai, Eddie Chu, Leung Kwok-hung, Cyd Ho, Jannelle Rosalynne Leung, Lester Shum, Gwyneth Ho, Tiffany Yuen, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Sunny Cheung) were notified by the police that they are to be charged with “participating in an unauthorised assembly” in Victoria Park on 4 June 2020, under Chapter 245, Section 17A(3)(a) of the Public Order Ordinance (Chapter 245). Lee Cheuk-yan was notified that he will also be charged with “holding an unauthorised assembly”. The twenty-four will soon receive summons to attend a court hearing on 15 September when they will be formally charged.


On 23 June, Hong Kong Alliance Chairman Lee Cheuk-yan, Vice-Chairs Albert Ho and Chow Hang-tung, Secretary Richard Tsoi, and Standing Committee members Cheung Man-kwong, Mak Hoi-wah, Andrew Wan, Chiu Yan-loy, Leung Yiu-chung and Leung Kam-wai as well as the founder of Next Digital Media Jimmy Lai, Labour Party Chairman Steven Kwok, And Civil Human Rights Front Vice-Convenor Figo Chan were charged with “inciting unlawful assembly” (Section 17A[2][a], Public Order Ordinance [Cap 245]) on 4 June 2020 at Victoria Park fountain. A subsequent court hearing was held in Court No. 3 of West Kowloon Magistrates’ Courts in the afternoon of 13 July. The next court hearing will be held on 15 September.


Hong Kong Alliance emphasizes that Hong Kong citizens have the rights of peaceful assembly and procession under the Basic Law. The police have used the coronavirus epidemic as a pretext for the politically motivated suppression of the June 4 candlelight vigil. They are trying to extinguish the candlelight of Victoria Park which has burned for thirty years and constrict the freedom of Hong Kong people. Mourning June 4 is not a crime. Hong Kong Alliance remains fearless in the face of political prosecution and political repression.



2020.8.3 【因為有你,「六四記憶・人權博物館」正式啟動】







With your support, the online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum is officially launched

Thank you for donating to support the online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum. We reached and slightly exceeded the crowdfunding goal. We will fully invest in establishing the online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum in accordance with the plan. In the context of the National Security Law in Hong Kong
era, we will preserve the memory and evidence of the 1989 student movement and June 4 massacre as well as refining the discourse so as to interact with history that continues up to the present day. Crowdfunding funds beyond the HK$1.5 million goal will be allocated to Hong Kong Alliance’s daily operating funds for broader June 4 remembrance and democratic movement activities.

We will share the latest news of the museum with you in the coming year regularly through new Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. Please stay tuned and support to the online Tiananmen Massacre Memorial Museum.

If you have any questions, please email 64museum@alliance.org.hk

2020.6.5 香港六四紀念館啟動全球眾籌,建立網絡永久博物館:歷史絕不可消失第二次

「六四」31週年之際,香港「六四」紀念館計劃在網絡上為八九民運建造一座「六四記憶人權博物館」,以整理並永久保存散落各地的歷史檔案,「六四」死難者遺物以及中共屠殺的證據。博物館現發起眾籌計劃,希望得到來自全球各地熱心人士的支持。(眾籌鏈接請點擊此處 https://bit.ly/36YezvW)



2020年,中國人大常委會通過「港區國安法」,香港的一國兩制名存實亡,自由環境持續惡化,六四紀念館對珍貴歷史檔案與文物的保存實難為繼。六四死難者王楠、吳向東遇難前留下的膠卷,日記,遺書,被子彈射穿的頭盔,彈殼⋯⋯ 他們用自己的生命留下來的證據,目前均存放在六四紀念館。責任背負30年,六四紀念館及團隊不敢放棄,決定於2020年6月4日正式發起眾籌計劃,召集專業研究策展團隊,為八九民運、「六四」屠殺建立一座永久保存的博物館,防止任何人篡改歷史、消除記憶。








時間:上午 11:00
地點:香港六四紀念館,九龍旺角旺角道11-13號藝旺商業大廈10字樓 (旺角港鐵站A2出口,豪華戲院對面,油站旁)



請關注六四紀念館 Facebook / Twitter 留意後續資訊。

PRESS RELEASE: Hong Kong June 4th Museum Launches Global Crowdfunding and Establishes Permanent Online Museum: We cannot allow history to disappear again.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the June 4 massacre, and the organization, Hong Kong’s June 4th Museum, plans to set up a June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights on the Internet. The online Museum aims to organize and permanently preserve historical archives, relics of the June 4th victims, and evidence of the CCP’s massacre scattered throughout the world. The museum is now launching a crowdfunding campaign, hoping to draw support from the international community. (Please click here to the crowdfunding page https://bit.ly/36YezvW )

The crowdfunding campaign will be launched on the international crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with the goal of raising 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars. The funds raised will enable us to complete the collection of files and digitization of data, resolve the technical issues involved in permanent preservation, and establish the June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights in the coming year. At the same time, the campaign funds will allow us to initiate research and exhibitions covering a series of key topics, enhancing our understanding of the past and ensuring dialogues with the social movements currently underway; translation of the archives into English will help form connections with world history.

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China established the “Temporary June 4th Museum” in Hong Kong in 2012 and later opened the permanent “June 4th Museum” in 2014. Since then, the June 4th Museum has repeatedly suffered from harassment and intimidation. The Museum was once forced to move, and it was reopened in April 2019. As the Museum prepared for its re-opening, the iron gate on the front door was found opened on April 7, 2019, and the lock was gone. Ten wall sockets, the main fuse and the fuse box were found to have been vandalised with salt water.

In 2020, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has passed Hong Kong’s national security law. Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” arrangement has come to exist only in name, and the freedom in Hong Kong is deteriorating. The preservation of precious historical archives and relics now faces many difficulties. The helmet June 4th victim Wang Nan was wearing when he died, a letter written by victim Wu Xiangdong in Tiananmen Square before he was killed, the bullet lodged in eyewitness Zhang Jian’s body — these are examples of the evidence and heritage currently stored and preserved in the June 4th Museum. After 30 years of responsibility, the June 4th Museum and the team did not dare to give up. The Museum decided to officially launch the crowdfunding project on June 4, 2020. The goal of this crowdfunding campaign is to set up a permanent museum of human rights memory for the 1989 democratic movement and the June 4th Massacre.

The online Museum is now in the preliminary preparation stage and will aim to achieve three objectives in the coming year:

1. Collect historical files and store them in digital form. We will collect archives and materials about the 1989 democratic movement that have over the past three decades been scattered in university libraries, government archives and personal collections around the world. These include historical documents and private materials, diaries, audio recordings, video footage and so on. We will preserve these files by producing digital copies, translating these into English, establishing an archive query system and finally building encrypted storage that will prevent anyone from tampering with history and eliminating memory.

2. Rebuild the narrative with digital curation. We will organize an academic committee and curation advisory group to invite scholars, artists, and others to design online interactive exhibitions, restoring the “June 4th Massacre" to its context within the 1989 democracy movement, and returning “1989″ to the fuller context of events in the 1980s — in this way rebuilding the narrative and allowing June 4th to be defined and understood as being about resistance rather than just suppression. This process will allow the history of the 1989 democratic movement to better communicate with the broader history of the world and with social movements currently taking place.

3. Open source and shareable. The front-end design, basic functions, information structure, and technical framework of the June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights will all be offered as open source once the basic functions have been stabilized, with the hope that our interactive approach can be more easily applied to other online museum projects and other digital human rights museums.

Witnesses to the 1989 democracy movement are now passing away, and others who experienced it have gone into exile. The blood stains of Tiananmen Square were cleaned, but there has still not been a reckoning with the truth. We cannot allow history yet again to disappear. We hope that everyone who has, like us, been impacted and changed by the Chinese democratic movement in 1989 and by the June 4th Massacre, can contribute in some way to this meaningful project.

Let us preserve the history in our hands.


June 4, 2020: the crowdfunding project of the June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights will be officially launched on Kickstarter.com, with a target of 1.5 million Hong Kong dollars.

June 6, 2020: Press Conference of the June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights
Date: June 6, 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am
Venue: Hong Kong June 4th Museum, 10/F, Ngai Wong Commercial Building, 11-13 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

In the summer of 2021, with the help of supporters, June 4th Museum of Memory and Human Rights will be officially opened on the Internet.

Truth never dies, nor will the candlelight be extinguished. We shall never surrender.

Please follow the June 4th Museum Facebook / Twitter for follow-up information.