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2018.5.23【還劉霞自由 Free Liu Xia】致函德國總理默克爾 Angela Merkel

【還劉霞自由 Free Liu Xia】

支聯會主席何俊仁今天(2018年5月23日)上午委託德國駐港副領事 Mr Teitz代轉交德國總理默克爾(Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany )信件,要求關注已故諾貝爾和平獎得主劉曉波先生遺孀劉霞的處境,還劉霞自由,按照她的意願赴德國。


23 May, 2018

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

We are a Hong Kong based coalition working for the cause of democracy in China, founded during the 1989 Tiananmen Democracy Movement. We have been campaigning for the freedom of Liu Xia ever since her house arrest in 2010, when her late husband Liu Xiaobo was still being imprisoned. We understand that you have also been at the forefront in campaigning for the freedom of Liu Xia. We believe that it is very important for world leaders to stand up for human rights, to show the world the values that western democracies stand for.

The latest situation of Liu Xia is getting ever more distressing. In an open letter published on last Wednesday, Liao Yiwu, a friend of Liu Xia living in Berlin, revealed the content of a phone conversation between himself and Liu Xia, which vividly demonstrates the despair of Liu Xia at being trapped in China.

“There is nothing that I fear now. If I can’t leave, I’ll die at home. Xiaobo has already left, there is nothing in this world for me. Dying is easier than living – there is nothing simpler for me than to protest with death,” Liao quoted.

In the audio clip of that call on April 8 2018, Liu was very emotional and could be heard crying. She told Liao that she was ready to leave China and already has her luggage packed. “You can record this now: I’m so angry that I’m ready to die here … Everything can end if I’m dead,” Liu tells Liao.

Liu, a 57-year-old poet, painter and photographer, has been placed under house arrest since 2010, but has never been charged with any offence by the Chinese authorities. Appeals for her release peaked in July last year, after her husband died of liver cancer while in custody. Liu Xia had been placed under strict surveillance and control since her husband’s death, and is taking medication for depression.

Liu Xiaobo died aged 61 in a Liaoning hospital on July 13 2017, becoming the only Nobel Peace Prize laureate to die in custody since German pacifist Carl von Ossietzky in 1938. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 while in jail, and was represented by an empty chair at the prize giving ceremony in Oslo. The human rights activist was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment in 2009 on subversion charge after co-authoring a petition known as Charter 08, calling for sweeping political reforms in China.

As you can see from the conversation between Liu Xia and her friend, she is desperate and suffering from severe depression. The illegal house arrest lasting for more than eight years had taken its toll on the health of Liu Xia. The Chinese Government tries hard to present itself as a government that rule in accordance with its law; however it has never been able to show which law authorises the prolonged house arrest of Liu Xia, nor explained why she is not allowed to leave China, not even for medical treatment.

As your visit to China nears, we hope you can raise the case of Liu Xia before President Xi Jinping, demanding that she be allowed to travel freely to any country of her choice.

We wish you every success in your visit to China. Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Albert Ho Chun Yan,
Chairman, Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China


2018.5.23 支持公民黨立法會議員陳淑莊「平反六四」動議議案

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** 立法會投票結果 https://www.legco.gov.hk/general/chinese/counmtg/yr16-20/mtg_1718.htm#cm20180523








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